Future Stars Basketball Camp

Camp Information

  • Ages

    Boys 8-15

  • Dates - 2021 CAMP SEASON

    • Session 1: July 11th-14th, 2021
    • Session 2: July 18th-21st, 2021
  • Times

    • Check-in is between 5:00 pm and 6:45 pm on the opening Sunday.
    • Camp ends Wednesday night with Championship games at 6:45 pm.
  • Cost

    Register now to lock in 2020 pricing before 1/1/2021

    • $510 Full Payment (resident); $535 after July 1st*
    • $460 Full Payment (commuter); $485 after July 1st*
    • A deposit of $100 is required ($100 is non-refundable)*
    • *Any refunds are minus the PayPal service fee
  • Additional Facilities

    Indoor pool will be available each day.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should our son choose Future Stars over other basketball camps?

Future Stars is run by coaches of today. Your son will be introduced to and coached by current high school and college coaches. They are up to date with today’s player and their needs.

2. How long has Future Stars Basketball Camp been in existence?

Future Stars has been providing intensive quality instruction for 35 years.

3 How involved are Jim Nazos and Mike Healy in the camp?

They are both there every minute of everyday. They will even lead various basketball drills.

4. May parents visit the camp?

Yes! Parents are encouraged to come every night at 7:00pm.  The players will be involved in the evening session where games take place.

5. How are the boys grouped for games, drills, etc.?

We organize the campers by grade.

6. Will my son be able to room with or near his friend?

Yes, we make every attempt to follow the roommate request and if there are boys that want to room near each other we will also accommodate that request.

7. How are the dorm rooms organized?

There are 4 to a room. There are two beds in the front and two beds in the back of the room with full bath and closet separating the sleeping areas. Rooms are assigned by grade and roommate preference.

8. What is the ratio of staff to campers?

We have a minimum ratio of 8 campers to every 1 staff member.

9. My son may have a baseball game or two during camp. Is it OK for us to take him out of camp for a few hours to play baseball?

This is not a problem at all. Kids will have things to attend to during camp hours. It is ok to leave but they have to sign out with either Mike Healy or Jim Nazos.

10. Who is on your staff? How do you choose them?

Our staff is filled with high school and college coaches. We also have current college players that work with your son as well. We are very proud of our staff and many of our coaches come back every year.

11. What time should commuters arrive each day?

Sunday – commuters should arrive for check-in and be ready to play from 6:30pm-9:00pm.

Monday – Thursday – commuters should arrive at Fieldhouse by 9:00am and plan to stay the entire day being picked up at 9:00pm. During rest times, commuters are allowed to use field house facilities and lounge areas at the dorms.

12. What should my son bring with him to camp?

We suggest you bring the following items to camp:

  • Athletic equipment: socks, basketball shoes, shorts, and T-shirts
  • Informal clothing: swim suit, sweatshirts, and sweatpants
  • All personal hygiene articles including hand and body soap
  • Bedding and linens: Blanket, pillow, extra long twin bed sheets
  • Fan
  • Alarm clock

13. Is there security in the dorms and or through the camp?

Yes, the camp has a 8:1 player to coach ratio.  Players are put on teams on the first day of camp with a coach that is their coach for the duration of the camp. That coach is responsible for each member of their team.

The dorms have 4 quads in a row with a single dorm on either side of the row of quads.  There is a coach in each of the single dorms.  Coaches will also be stationed in the courtyard area monitoring during breaks and late evenings.

Registration Paperwork

Daily Schedule

7:15 Wake-up

7:20 Redeye Lecture in Gym

7:40 Roll Call at Dorms

7:30-8:30 Breakfast

8:30-9:00 Dorm Time/Open Gym/Pizza Sign-up

9:00-9:15 Roll Call/Stretching/Individual Work (Nazos, Healy)

9:15-10:30 Stations

10:35-11:30 Competitions

11:30-11:45 Roll Call/Announcements

11:45-12:45 Lunch

12:45-1:30 Dorm Time

1:30-2:00 Open Gym/Pizza Sign-up

2:00-2:15 Roll Call/Stretching

2:15-3:00 Full Court station work

3:10-4:10 A, AA, AAA Divisional Games

4:20-4:50 Dorm Time/ Rest Time

4:50 Roll Call @ Dorms – Canteen

5:00-6:00 Dinner

6:00-6:45 Dorm Time – Canteen

6:30-7:00 Open Gym – Individual Improvement Time

7:00-7:15 Roll Call @ Gym/Stretching

7:20-9:15 A, AA, AAA Divisional Games

9:20-10:00 Dorm Time/Pool Time/Canteen

10:00-10:30 Pizza/Canteen/Rest Time

10:30 Lights Out

Gym & Facilities


The College is located in the beautiful town of Lake Forest, Illinois on the western shore of Lake Michigan and just 30 miles north of Chicago.

  • Lake Forest College

    555 N. Sheridan Rd., Lake Forest, IL 60045

  • Facilities

    5 Regulation basketball courts and an Olympic sized swimming pool.

  • Housing

    Spacious 4 man suites with complete bathroom and shower facility in each suite.

  • Meals

    The college cafeteria will be open and provide high quality tastefully prepared meals.

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